We run Roger’s Wildlife Rescue from our home in Woodingdean, on the edge of Brighton in East Sussex. It is an entirely voluntary organisation, funded by donations from members of the public and by subscriptions to "Roger's World" our monthly recording and newsletter which provide a wealth of topical information about wildlife, including latest rescues, rescue updates, local 'what's on', guest contributors, club members' own wildlife news as well as music and chat.!


Roger has cared for injured wildlife all his life and from this “Roger’s Wildlife Rescue” has grown. Now we care for around 1500 creatures each year and release as many as possible back to the wild.


A large number of the wildlife we care for are injured – small birds are prey for cats and sparrowhawks. Larger birds like herring gulls, and animals like foxes and hedgehogs, are often victims of road accidents. Other creatures can become entangled in garden netting or, horrifyingly, are victims of human cruelty. At Roger’s Wildlife Rescue we work closely with vets to help mend and treat these creatures and rehabilitate them  successfully.


Other creatures we help are orphaned youngsters, fox and badger cubs, baby rabbits and squirrels in the spring, then nestling garden birds like blue tits, blackbirds, starlings and many more and, of course, numerous young herring gulls in the summertime. These babies are reared and released when the time is right.


At “Roger’s Wildlife Rescue” we also give out advice over the phone for treating foxes with mange and dealing with a vast

range of wildlife problems. With so many to care for, it is impossible for us to collect every creature that needs our help, so we ask people to bring them when possible. However, Roger is available for callouts to injured foxes and badgers 24 hours a day.

rescue help  from the fire brigade injured deer

Roger's Wildlife Rescue

Obviously vets, food and housing costs money. If you are able to make a donation it is always gratefully received, but the best way to help financially is to subscribe to our monthly recording and newsletter “Roger’s World” as that ensures your support continues throughout the year.


Please read about “Roger’s World” and consider joining our club

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Roger and Fleur Musselle

37 Downs Valley Road, Woodingdean, Brighton,

East Sussex, BN2 6RG

01273 308268



Our rescue work depends on donations and the best way you can help us is to join our club as this will ensure we get regular money for the wildlife throughout the year.


If you join “Roger’s World” you  will receive a tape or cd each month and our monthly newsletter for a small subscription.  (And/or why not give a subscription to Roger's World Club as a present?  It is a unique gift which gives ongoing pleasure to wildlife lovers of all ages!) You can also now listen and view the newsletter online if this is easier.  Simply put your preference on the 'Join Roger's World' page and we'll guide you to your online access to the Club


In these days of the “credit crunch” we need your help and support more than ever to help us feed and care for all our animals and birds. Last year our gulls alone cost us £300 a week to feed through the summer and the bill for just two birds at the vets came to over £300.


In 2008 our total number of birds was up on the year before. We took in 1288 birds and 284 animals. We also needed to replace many of our “Bird Room” cages and repaired aviaries and sheds.


Please help us at “Roger’s Wildlife Rescue” to continue this work with Sussex wildlife by pledging your support.  


Thank you.


We give information and help over the phone and internet for free, but please remember we run Roger’s Wildlife Rescue on donations and club members only. These are our only income for feeding and caring for about 1500 creatures each year.


If you can spare us a donation please click on our 'How you can help' page and see the 'Donate' button - it's easy!  


To join our Roger’s World Club click here


We are relying on you to help us keep our rescue work going!  Thank you.


We are still really busy, so you may well have to leave a message if you ring. About half the people who leave us messages do not leave their phone number. If you don't leave us your number there is no way we can ring you back! Also please leave your number slowly and clearly. A large number of the people who do remmeber to leave theirs do it so quickly we have no hope of writing it down. Many thanks


IMPORTANT - COVID NEWS: All through lockdown we have been busier than ever and have had a record year for the number of creatures in.


Usually people come through our gate and ring at our front door. If we are not in they leave creatures in carry boxes in our open garage. We didn’t want people to do this during the covid crisis.


1, we want to keep well to continue to care for the birds and animals,

2, Roger is in fact 76 now and needs to be careful for his own sake!


We have put carry boxes outside our gate - and we put a sign on the gate asking people to stay outside. People ignored the sign so we put another sign up, then another, then stickers on the floor and finally a sign saying STOP right across the handle so you can’t open the handle on the gate without putting your hand right through the sign quite uncomfortably. There are two large signs on the gate which say in big red letters STOP and a sign explaining that due to coronavirus we want people to stay outside the gate, plus a sign saying please ring from the gate and wait for us to come out. If we don’t come out please leave your bird in the boxes outside the gate. Then there are stickers on the floor saying please stop and read the signs and PLEASE OBEY OUR REQUEST TO STAY OUTSIDE.



99.9% of people have behaved perfectly respectfully throughout the months of lockdown but a recent  incident saw someone pusing the Stop sign over and opening the gate and knocking on Roger's door and using the bell...... all in an area that they have been so careful to keep disinfected.